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Katherine Akerley
Translator: French to English

Mission: to deliver high quality English texts which remain loyal to the original yet read like native English.

Our promise:

  • Professional service
  • Fair rates
  • Rapid return
  • Attention to detail
  • Confidentiality

Traduction Virelangue is built on a foundation of respect and confidentiality. Clients receive professional service, fair rates and quick turn-around times. We respect clients' privacy by guaranteeing confidentiality, meaning the protection of all subject matter found in documents and of all client information. In addition, we take great care in the quality of our written texts by verifying usage, conventions and mechanics, by researching terms, by providing revision (often by a second reader), by considering the audience and the nature of the texts, and by maintaining open communication with our clients.

Traduction Virelangue : Tel.:514-270-9849 - - Montreal, Quebec